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Thunder Bay Transit Celebrates Clean Air Day

June 4, 2008 - Thunder Bay Transit celebrated Clean Air Day with a Ride the Bus for a Clean, Green & Beautiful City Event, at the Water Street Terminal. Clean Air Day is a focal point for information and action on clean air and climate change issues and is held each June on the Wednesday of Canadian Environment Week. Participants received free bus passes to celebrate public transit as a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

"People can make a major difference by riding public transit," says Dave Stephens, Transit Planning & Marketing Analyst.  "It reduces congestion and it saves on vehicle costs and spending on roads. Even if someone opts for transit just two out of five work days their greenhouse emissions will be cut by 25 percent. And of course, walking or cycling are emissions-free modes of transportation."

Transportation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, transportation is one of the single largest sources of air pollution in Canada, accounting for two thirds of all smog-forming pollutants in some areas.  A single bus can carry as many people as 40 to 50 cars. People who travel by public transit create 65 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than by car.

Making transportation more sustainable is a key objective of numerous federal transportation outreach programs. By supporting these kinds of programs, the Government of Canada has helped schools, municipalities, businesses, associations and other community organizations assume leadership roles in developing healthy, safe and sustainable transportation options.

Commuters in Thunder Bay are being encouraged to walk, bike, or ride public transit to reduce emissions and curb harmful smog and greenhouse gases. The City of Thunder Bay is currently planning Active Transportation corridors throughout the City for walking and biking.

"With the proper incentives and services in place, people can change their behaviour," said Stephens. "We hope that on Clean Air Day significant numbers of people in Thunder Bay will do just that - get out of single-occupant vehicles and walk, bike or ride public transit as the first step in a commitment to use sustainable transportation."

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Contact: David Stephens, Planning & Marketing Analyst - Thunder Bay Transit 684-2190,