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Update on Phase 2 Feasibility Study for Proposed Event Centre

January 6, 2012 – The Phase 2 Feasibility Study for the proposed Thunder Bay Event Centre has officially started with a kick-off meeting Thursday and site tours today of the potential locations at the Downtown/Waterfront, Thunder Bay Airport, and Innova Business Park sites.

Work will be ongoing from January to May when a final report will be presented to City Council. The consulting team will be responsible for reviewing the development opportunities for each of the three sites, assessing the economic impact, analyzing the traffic and parking issues, and developing an overall conceptual cost estimate for the development of the three sites.

An open house will be held on Feb. 29 to outline the work of the consulting team and will include concept designs for each of the three sites, as well as a general commentary on the economic impact, traffic issues, cost implications and site selection criteria.

Interested members of the public are encouraged to attend:

Open House & Public Information Session
Wednesday, Feb. 29
3 pm to 9 pm Open House
4 pm and 7 pm Presentation by Consulting Team

Italian Cultural Centre
132 Algoma St. South

A second open house will be held in early spring immediately following the presentation to City Council of the recommendation from the consulting team as to a preferred site. There will also be a more detailed concept design for that site, an economic impact assessment, a detailed traffic and parking assessment, and an order-of-cost-magnitude estimate for the overall project.

A final report will be presented to Council in May. For more information visit

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Contact:   Conrad Boychuk, Senior Director, CEI Architecture, (604) 682-5398
                Tim Commisso, City Manager, 625-2224