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Update on the Implementation of Prince Arthur's Landing

Private Partner

After the familiarity tour in March, the developers requested information on a variety of things.  The developers completed their due diligence and on April 18, they submitted their comments and questions on the draft RFP.  The RFP was revised and released on May 4.  The developers will have 45 days to respond with their development concepts.  The RFP process will close on June 25.  A team of senior Administration will review and evaluate the proposals and make a recommendation to Council regarding the selection of a private partner in July.

Skate Plaza

The tender for the skate plaza closed on April 29.  There were 3 bids.  All were reasonably competitive.  KGS Consultants analyzed the bids on behalf of the City and Administration will make a recommendation to Council on the award of the contract at the May 12 Council meeting. 


Improvements to the stage are underway to make it larger and improve accessibility.  This work will finish shortly before June1, 2008.

Detailed Design

The tender for the detailed design for phase one (Prince Arthur's Landing) closed on May 1.  Of the four firms who were short-listed to bid on the project, only three firms submitted bids.  A review panel will evaluate the proposals and then a recommendation for award will be brought forward to Council in June.

Environmental Assessment

The tender to complete the environmental assessment associated with the second phase of the project (the new marina) and the remediation of Pool 6 will close on May 15.  Once the bids are received, a review panel will evaluate the proposals and then a recommendation for award will be brought forward to Council.

Environmental Site Assessment

Soils testing may be required in the areas of the park that are proposed to have new buildings and park infrastructure (skating ponds, splash pads, etc).  The testing is being done to acquire geotechnical/soils information necessary for detailed design and it will be occurring by the end of May/early June.

Waterfront Display Area - CN Station

The City is partnering with the Good News Cafe for the summer to use part of the restaurant space to house a waterfront display, which will provide people with an opportunity to visualize the park improvements and to obtain additional information.   The display space will be open on June 2.