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Update on the Implementation of Prince Arthur’s Landing

May 23, 2008 - The following is an update on the implementation of Prince Arthur's Landing from the Waterfront Development Office.

Skate Plaza
The Skate Plaza tender has been awarded to Natural Stone and Tile and the decision of Council is scheduled for ratification on May 26. Pending ratification, construction will begin. A pre-construction meeting is being scheduled for early June, which allows for a week after ratification for the contractor to provide the City with paperwork regarding bonding, safety and other matters.

An event to celebrate the Ground Breaking of the Skate Plaza, subject to ratification, along with the opening of the Experience Display in the Good News Cafe in the CN Station and a Community Update will be held on June 2.

Private Partner 
The developers are in the process of preparing their development concepts and proposals for submission on June 25. A recommendation will be made to Council with respect to the preferred private partner after their bids are evaluated by Administration.

Detailed Design
Administration has evaluated the three proposals received for the detailed design for the first phase of the project. Meridian, BMI and Wardrop all submitted bids. Two firms, Wardrop and BMI have been selected to do presentations. The presentations are scheduled for June 23. Based on Administration's evaluation of the presentations, a successful firm will be recommended to Council in July.

Environmental Assessment
The City has received two proposals for consulting services for the environmental assessment for the New Marina and the Pool 6 lands. Administration will evaluate the bids in the next few weeks and subsequently report to Council with a recommendation for award of contract.

Physical improvements to the stage are substantially complete.

The Thunder Bay Art Gallery has been coordinating a youth art competition for 35 banners that will be installed along Water Street and over the Howe Street overpass. The banner concepts will be vetted through the Committee for Art in Public Spaces (CAPS) and installed by July 1.

Skate Plaza Artwork 
This RFP closes on May 29. The CAPS will jury the submissions and three artists will be selected to develop their concepts and present them in the form of models or maquettes. The CAPS jury will then select the artist, who will develop and install the public art in the skate plaza later in the year.

Retrofit of the Existing Marina
This summer the design for the new docks will be tendered and then installed in the fall and winter in preparation for the lake fill next year. This means that all slips displaced by lake fill will be replaced before the process of lakefilling begins.

Applications to NOHFC and FedNor will be finalized and submitted when the private partner is selected and a Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the private partner is completed.  Application to the Trillium Foundation is being made by the Superior Skate Park Coalition. The City is also applying for funding to FCM and seeking sponsorship from a variety of corporate sources.

Job descriptions and evaluations are nearing completion and the City will be advertising positions for the Waterfront Office in the next few weeks.

OMB Hearing
The pre-hearing for the appeal of Council's decision with respect to the zoning for the waterfront has been scheduled for September 3 at 10:30 am. It is expected to span one day and will scope the issues that will be before the Board.


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Contact: Mark Bentz, Chair, Waterfront Development Committee, 577-8226
              Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Development Project Manager, 625-2406