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City Government

Warning – Reduced Load Restrictions Take Effect

March 14, 2012 - The Ministry of Transportation’s Provincial Reduced Load Regulations are expected to come into effect shortly. Heavy load restrictions will apply within the City of Thunder Bay limits beginning at 8 am on Friday, March 16.

The Reduced Load Restrictions also apply to all streets within the City of Thunder Bay limits with the exception of those streets or portions of streets listed below which shall be exempt:

Reduced Load Period - Highway Exemptions
Highway From To
Algoma Street River Street John Street
Alloy Drive Amber Drive Central Avenue
Amber Drive Alloy Drive Central Avenue
Arthur Street May Street West City Limits
Arundel Street Strathcona Avenue Hodder Avenue
Atlantic Avenue Island Drive 330 metres west of Island Drive
Balmoral Street Oliver Road Cameron Street
Balsam Street Highway 11/17 River Street
Bay Street Algoma Street Water Street
Beaverhall Place Walsh Street Mountdale Avenue
Broadway Avenue Highway 61 Neebing Avenue
Burwood Road Oliver Road Central Avenue
Capital Way Innovation Drive Premier Way
Carrick Street Harbour Expressway Waterford Street
Carrick Street 8th Avenue Central Avenue
Central Avenue Innovation Drive Fort William Road
Chippewa Road James  Street     Highway 61
City Road James Street 1.6km east of Darrell Avenue
Clavet Street North Water Street North Water Street
Cobalt Crescent Alloy Drive Tungsten Street
Commerce Street Mountdale Avenue Walsh Street
Copper Crescent Lithium Drive Tungsten Street
Court Street Grenville Avenue Elgin Street
Darrell Avenue City Road North Limit
Dawson Road Highway 11/17 170 metres west of Dog Lake Road
Dog lake Road Dawson Road 3.9km north to City Limit (Hwy 589)
Dunlop Street Carrick Street Memorial Avenue
Edward Street Frederica Street Memorial Avenue
Egan Street Front Street Cumberland Street
Eira Street 11th Avenue         South End
Field Street 11th Avenue South End
Flint Street Central Avenue 8th Avenue
Ford Street Christina Street Frederica Street
Fort William Road Northern Avenue Court Street
Frederica Street Ford Street James Street
Front Street River Street Stephens Street
Grenville Avenue Cumberland Street Shipyard Drive
Golf Links Road William Street Oliver Road
Gorham Street 10th Avenue 13th Avenue
Hammond Avenue Maureen Street Main Street
Harbour Expressway Fort William Road Highway 11/17
Harold Crescent Forest Street Balmoral Street
Hewitson Street Balmoral Street Carrick Street
Hodder Avenue Hwy 11/17 Grenville Avenue
Innovation Drive Central Avenue Golf Links Road
Isabel Street Fort William Road Memorial Avenue
Island Drive Main Street 106th Street
James Street Frederica Street City Road
John Street Water Street Oliver Road
John Street Road Valley Street Mapleward Road
Kingsway Arthur Street Christina Street
Lithium Drive Balmoral Street East End
Main Street Fort William Road Island Drive
Macdonnell Street Squier Street Central Avenue
Mapleward Road Oliver Road John Street Road
Mapleward Road Dawson Road Kivikoski Road
Marina Park Drive Marina Park Overpass North Water Street
Marina Park Overpass North Water Street Marina Park Drive
Maureen Street Fourth Street Hammond Avenue
May Street Isabel Street Arthur Street
McPherson Street Pacific Avenue McNaughton Street
McNaughton Street McDonald Street Hargrave Street
Memorial Avenue John Street Isabel Street
Montreal Street Neebing Avenue James Street
Mountdale Avenue Arthur Street Walsh Street
Neebing Avenue Highway 61 South End
North Water Street Red River Road Elgin Street
North Water Street Marina Park Drive Macdougall Street
Norther Avenue Fort William Road Norah Crescent
Norah Street Forest Street Balmoral Street
Oliver Road John Street West City Limits
Pacific Avenue May Street Island Drive
Pearl Street Water Street Marina Park Drive
Premier Way Harbour Expressway Central Avenue
Red River Road Water Street Highway 11/17
River Street Front Street Madeline Street
Roland Street William Street Hewitson Street
Rosslyn Road Neebing Avenue 320 metres west of 15th Side Road
Russell Street William Street Hewitson Street
Shipyard Street 810 metres North of Grenville Avenue 790 metres South of Grenville Avenue
Simpson Street Northern Avenue May Street
Sixth Avenue Overpass Fort William Road Maureen Street
South Water Street John Street Red River Road
Strathcona Avenue East City Limits Arundel Street
S. Syndicate Avenue Arthur Street Walsh Street
Squier Street Memorial Avenue Central Avenue
Tungsten Street Alloy Drive Lithium Drive
Valley Street Highway 11/17 John Street Road
Vickers Street Northern Avenue Forest Street
Walsh Street Neebing Avenue James Street
Water Street Fort William Road John Street
Waterloo Street Cameron Street Walsh Street
William Street Edward Street Russell Street
8th Avenue Flint Street Carrick Street
11th Avenue Fort William Road Carrick Street
106th Street West Limit 108th Avenue
108th Avenue 106th Street South End


The above date is dependent upon weather conditions and is subject to change. Changes may be made in conjunction with any changes to dates as established by the Ministry of Transportation.

Your co-operation in preventing excessive damage to our City streets is appreciated. For more information or to obtain a print or fax copy of this list, contact the Engineering Division at 625-2266.

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Contact: Pat Mauro, Manager – Engineering, 625-3022