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Water Droplet Sculptures Installed at Prince Arthur’s Landing

October 4, 2011 - Two new sculptures have been installed in front of the Water Garden Pavilion at Prince Arthur’s Landing. The artwork, entitled Traveller’s Return, was produced by Andy Davies and selected through an open competition administered by the City’s Public Art Program. 

Fabricated in aluminum and polished to a mirror finish, the sculptures depict a cluster of three larger-than life, 19’ water droplets and a single, 18’ separated water droplet. Their highly polished surfaces reflect the outdoor environment in striking detail.

“Traveller's Return is intended to celebrate place, wonder, interactivity and dialogue. The size makes it impressive and will act as a glittering visual anchor for the area," said Davies.

The competition theme Watching over/Awaiting the Return compliments Mariner’s Hall by commemorating the site as a place of departure and arrival. Although playful and inviting, Davies’ sculptures also speak to the tears of joy and sorrow that travellers experience. The separated droplet could be seen as breaking away from a group or as a singular entity that eventually becomes part of a whole.  

In keeping with the City’s Clean, Green and Beautiful policy, the City’s Waterfront Development Committee identified the incorporation of public art as a priority. City Council approved the allocation of 2% of the original capital budget for the City’s waterfront construction for the production of public art.

The sculptures are available to the public from the road leading to Pier 3.

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Contact: Reana Mussato, Public Art Coordinator, 625-2365