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Water Fill Station Repairs Complete

May 30, 2008 - The equipment at the Water Fill Station located on Highway 61 at Mount Forest Blvd. that was seriously damaged by vandals on Saturday, April 26 has been repaired. The system will resume using the Smart Card system on Monday, June 2.  Users of the water fill station are reminded to bring their cards with them.

There have been several occurrences of vandalism at the water fill stations since they were upgraded this winter, said Kerri Marshall, Manager - Environment Division. It has taken weeks to get the Highway 61 location repaired, as special parts had to be ordered and brought in. We want to bring the seriousness of this problem to the public's attention and ask them to report any abuse they witness to Police. The City is also investigating ways to increase security, including escalating monitoring of the stations. 

Area residents who are not connected to the City's water distribution system use the water fill stations to obtain drinking water when their well levels are low or if the water in the well is not safe for drinking. These stations provide an important service to rural residents. 

Vandalism hurts everyone, says Chris Adams, Executive Officer, Thunder Bay Police Service.  Water is a fundamental need.  We all can do our part to protect this valuable resource. Anyone with information on vandalism can call Police or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers.

The vandalism incidents at the tap houses are under investigation.  Vandalism is a crime.  The public should call 9-1-1 and immediately report suspicious activity to Police.

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Contact: Kerri Marshall, Manager - Environment, 625-2836
                     Chris Adams, Executive Officer - Thunder Bay Police Service, 684-1248