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Waterfront Development Update

October 28, 2008 – The following is an update on the implementation of Prince Arthur’s Landing from the Waterfront Development Office.


Detailed Design

  • Brook McIlroy and PACE Architects have been retained
  • They will work with Administration to refine and finalize their work plan and schedule
  • Once a schedule is finalized, we will report back on the points at which there will be opportunities for the Council, Waterfront Development Committee and the public to provide input on the detailed design for the project

Environmental and Risk Assessments

  • Senes Consultants Limited, along with KGS Group and Decommissioning Consulting Services Limited, has begun to work on the environmental assessment and risk assessment
  • Since this work involves processing and reporting on previous studies, the consultants are reviewing the City’s past planning work in order to scope the project to reflect the extent of planning and consultation already done for the waterfront

Development Agreement

  • We have issued the Letter of Intent for signature by all parties (Mayor, Clerk and members of the development consortium)
  • We are in the early stages of negotiating the agreement with the developer and will meet in the next week to work out the details of each of our positions
  • We will retain the services of a peer reviewer with expertise in these sorts of agreements, who will provide advice with respect to protecting the City’s interests and obtaining the best deal for the City
  • Once we have developed a draft agreement, we will bring it forward to Council for input and/or decision


Skate/BMX Plaza
The skate/BMX plaza is nearing completion and scheduled to be available for use Nov. 1, 2008. Additional Plaza elements including public art, donor walls and landscaping will be completed in the spring. An official Grand Opening, featuring special events, will be held at that time.


With an agreement with a private sector partner pending, we are now making formal application to a number of agencies who provide funding.  With many, there will be additional requests for information and justification as we work through the application stages.  With others, it is a simpler process.  A letter is being forwarded to provincial and federal Ministers to request information on funding programs that will be applicable to the waterfront project.  This is an important step as there are many changes contemplated and being implemented to funding programs at both the provincial and federal government agencies.  Applications have been made to:

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

  • General Application under Infrastructure Program
  • Application under Northern Energy Program

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

  • An application for funding has been made under Brownfields program

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Contact:    Mark Bentz, Chair, Waterfront Development Committee, 577-8226
                 Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Development Project Manager, 625-2406