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Waterfront Projects Presented at Open House

May 14, 2009 – The Waterfront Development Office held a public Open House today to introduce three projects that have been initiated for development of Prince Arthur’s Landing:

  1. Individual Environmental Assessment (EA) for New Marina and Pool 6 Lands
  2. Detailed Design for Prince Arthur’s Landing, and
  3. Municipal Class EA for Servicing of Prince Arthur’s Landing

The Open House took place from 4 to 9 pm with presentations at 6:30 pm, attended by about 300 people.

“With the additional input received from the public today, our team of architects and planners will wrap up the detailed design of Prince Arthur’s Landing in preparation for the tendering of the project, pending funding and conclusion of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment,” said Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Project Manager.

Anneliese Grieve, SENES Consultants Ltd, gave details of the two environmental assessments. For the Municipal Class EA for Prince Arthur’s Landing, an environmental assessment study report will be drafted and available for the public and agency review early this summer. The New Marina and Pool 6, given the larger scope and scale, require an Individual Environmental Assessment, which is a two-year process.

Calvin Brook, Brook McIlroy Inc. Planning and Urban Design/Pace Architects, presented specifics on the detailed design of the public amenities for Prince Arthur’s Landing that include the use of sustainable, local materials with a timeless design. Highlights are as follows: an addition to the historic Baggage Building, refinements to the planned Water Garden that includes a consolidated rink/splash pad and pavilion, Pier 3 parking, bike and pedestrian trails, beacons on two piers including one that becomes an ice-climbing tower in winter, and a viewing circle on a third pier. As well, smaller “picnic docks” have been incorporated.

The project will transform the waterfront and downtown, Brook told the media at a briefing this afternoon. “It’s got all the right ingredients that will make it work – to make it transformational,” he said.

Highlights of 2009 construction include: railway safety fencing, underground infrastructure (water, sanitary and storm sewer), demolition and removals, lake infill, bike paths, sheet wall (to retain engineered fill), sanitary pumping station, foundations for the beacons at the end of the piers, and breakwall and dredging for Piers 1, 2 and 3.

Highlights of 2010 construction include: new docks (before the boating season), children’s boating area, festival storage building, rough grading, beacon construction, splash pad/skating rink, electrical infrastructure, hotel and condominium development project, pier improvements, Water Garden Pavilion, the Baggage Building and Sail Club Building reconstruction.

The project is designed as a demonstration of environmentally sustainable development including the following: green roof, biofiltration, wind energy, photovoltaic panels, sustainable building design, recycled content and a District Energy Study.

As well, public art will be an essential component of the overall design and a strategy is being developed to include a range of art projects throughout the site and that involve the local creative community.

The City’s $22 million share is in place for the $66-mllion required for the public portion of Prince Arthur’s Landing. Funding applications for the majority of the remaining funds have been submitted to the Federal and Provincial governments and are awaiting decision. Negotiations are ongoing with the private developers for the $65-million hotel and condominium development.

Public consultation and ongoing communication is a significant part of the project. In addition to public meetings on Waterfront Development, there have also been stakeholder meetings including, but not limited to, the following groups:

Marina Advisory Committee

Stanton Cruise Lines

Fort William Historical Park

Heart of the Harbour BIA

Chamber of Commerce

PUSH Northwest

Parks Canada

Blues Festival

Sail Thunder Bay

Lakehead Visual Arts

Superior Visits

Heritage Advisory Committee

Heritage Advisory Committee

Art Gallery

North Shore Tourism Train

Thunder Bay Yacht Club

Visit for more information on waterfront development.

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Contact: Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Project Manager, 625-2406