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Waterfront Update: City Asks for OMB Rescheduling & Reviews Underway

August 5, 2008 – The City has written to the Ontario Municipal Board asking that the pre-hearing conference concerning appeals related to the City's waterfront development be rescheduled to November 2008 from September 2008.

As a result of private sector development proposals received June 25 there may be a need for Council to amend the zoning by-laws that are the subject of the appeals. The rescheduling of the hearing will allow Council the time it needs to discuss the development proposal in greater detail and to determine whether amendments are necessary and appropriate.

"We are requesting the rescheduling because we believe it would not be prudent or transparent to go to the public expense of a pre-hearing on by-laws that may, depending on Council's direction to Administration, be changed," said City Solicitor Rosalie Evans.

Construction of the new skateboard/bmx plaza is underway and it is expected to be complete by Fall 2008.  City Administration is currently assessing proposals on a number of components for Prince Arthur's Landing at Marina Park and will report back to City Council with recommendations on:
-  Award of the contract for the detailed design of the public sector development components (market square, waterfront plaza, children's splash pad, trail networks, etc.).
-  Award of the contract for the environmental assessment work needed for construction of the new marina.
- Private sector partner development proposals for the hotel and condominium components of the project.

Site preparation for the development is expected to begin in 2009 with major construction activities to begin in 2010.

Current FAQ

This new section of the waterfront update will answer questions that are currently being asked by the public and media.

Q/ Why is the new marina being built on the south end of Marina Park?
A/The south end has a larger basin for expansion and best fits the overall needs for the plan including parking. Expansion to the north of pier 3 was not a preferred option due to the relatively small basin that it would create, the expense of the breakwalls due to the very deep water, and the totally inadequate parking that would be available in the existing festival grounds to service it.


Contact: Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Project Manager, 625-2406
              Rosalie Evans, City Solicitor, 625-2405 (concerning the rescheduling request)