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Waterfront Update: Mature Trees Relocated at Prince Arthur’s Landing

October 19, 2009 – Heavy duty tree spade equipment and ground penetrating radar was used at Prince Arthur’s Landing today to attempt to relocate approximately 87 mature trees that were planted over 20 years ago.

The trees are being taken from throughout Prince Arthur’s Landing and relocated to the North End of the Park over the next two days. Success will depend on the amount of rubble from the existing man-made lake in-fill that currently exists in the Park.
“It is my understanding that the 35-year-old trees at Prince Arthur's Landing are the largest ones ever spaded from municipal property,” said Shelley Vescio, City Forester.  “I am looking forward to observing the long term success of this relocation project and am hopeful that these trees will be able to live out their natural lives at the Park.”

Once Prince Arthur’s Landing at Marina Park is complete, there will be an additional 576 new trees planted, with an end result of 1109 trees in total.

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Contact: Gary Wood, Waterfront Construction Supervisor, 625-3779