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City Government

Waterfront Update: Site Preparation Begins Along CN Rail Yard

September 17, 2009 – Contractors will begin site preparation alongside the CN rail yard south of Pearl Street late this week or early next week, to get ready for the construction of a 2.5-metre high berm and a section of fencing to separate the CN rail lands from waterfront lands owned by the City.

These works fulfill a condition in the land transfer agreements between CN Rail and the City of Thunder Bay.

Site preparation will include clearing some natural re-growth of poplars and low growing brush. The area is located a few hundred metres south of Pearl Street along the western perimeter of the City lands (Pool 6 area) and next to the rail yard owned and operated by CN Rail.

This work is not part of Prince Arthur’s Landing at Marina Park.  The total area of vegetation loss will be replaced in kind through replanting and naturalization.


Contact: Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Project Manager, 625-2406