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World Town Planning Day Puts Thunder Bay on the Map

November 10, 2010 - A group of 35 local public health practitioners, land use planners and food producers participated in an international webinar and local round-table session on Monday to mark World Town Planning Day (WTPD).  The session was jointly hosted by the City of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay District Health Unit

WTPD is a day that recognizes how urban, rural, and regional planning helps to create healthy and vibrant communities. Founded in 1949, WTPD is celebrated on Nov. 8 each year in approximately 30 countries, on four continents, as a way to promote awareness and support for community planning. The theme of the day for 2010 was Integrating Food Systems into the Planning Process.

The Thunder Bay Food Charter and the City’s local food system were also recognized at the conference. The Food Charter is a set of principles that helps guide decisions, policies and collaboration for food security in our community, to ensure equal access to healthy food close to home. Developed by the community-based Food Action Network, the Charter has been adopted by City Council and the Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board.

“It was an honour to be a part of such a monumental conference, and to share valuable information on the Thunder Bay Food Charter,” said Thora Cartlidge, City Planner, who spoke about the challenges of ensuring food security in a relatively isolated urban centre and the successful food strategies already in place.

The keynote speaker was Carolyn Steel, a well-known architect, lecturer and author of Hungry City: How Food shapes our Lives. The book follows food’s journey from land to city, through market and supermarket, kitchen and table, waste-dump and back again, to show how food affects all our lives, and impacts on the planet.

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Contact: Leslie McEachern, Manager – City Planning Division, 625-2833
              Catherine Schwartz-Mendez, Nutritionist, Thunder Bay District Health Unit, 625-5956