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Send Us Your Stormwater Photos!

photo of stormwaterHave you ever taken photos of stormwater events in Thunder Bay? Photos like these can be interesting and useful. We would appreciate if you would share them, especially if you can tell us when and where they were taken.

See below for example photos.

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By uploading photo(s), you grant the City of Thunder Bay and those acting on its authorized behalf permission to use these photos for the City's promotions, editorial content, displays, or website, and you indicate your understanding that no payments are to be provided by the City. Additionally, you release the City of Thunder Bay from any and all actions, claims and demands relating to the photos you upload.
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Some Example Stormwater Photos:

The following three photos were taken n 1948, of stormwater at 1st Avenue and Fort William Road

1948 Stormwater at 1st Ave & Ft. William Rd. 1

1948 Stormwater at 1st Ave & Ft. William Rd. 2

1948 Stormwater at 1st Ave & Ft. William Rd. 3

Wall Cloud 2009
Storm cloud - taken from roof of Thunder Bay Water Pollution Control Plant - Summer 2009

photo of stormwater 
Stormwater runoff in rural Thunder Bay - May 2013

photo of stormwater 

photo of stormwater