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Thunder Bay Stormwater Financing Study Survey

We want to hear from you. Fill out and submit the following. Survey closes Friday, Feb. 9.
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1. Based on what you have seen the Stormwater Financing Study presentation, what do you believe is the most important stormwater management issue(s) facing Thunder Bay:
2. What is your opinion of the following statements: (check either Agree, Neutral or Disagree)
a. Stormwater management should be a priority for the City (i.e. when considering all City responsibilities).
b. This Stormwater Financing Study recommendations must be publicly supported.
c. Stormwater funding should be stable, sustainable, and dedicated to addressing stormwater needs.
d. Costs and benefits must be equitably distributed across the community (i.e. everyone pays their fair share).
e. Costs and benefits must be equally distributed across the community (i.e. everyone contributes the same).
f. The City must maintain appropriate reserve funding levels for unforeseen events.
g. Policies for credits, incentives, adjustments and appeals are important for any stormwater funding system.
3. Do you feel the City is currently spending enough on stormwater to meet your expectations?
4. If you answered "No" to the question above, would you be willing to pay more to meet these needs/expectations?
5. If a new funding mechanism is recommended, how should stormwater management costs be allocated? (Please check your top choice)
6. Would you be willing to take steps on your own property to reduce the impacts of heavy rainfall events? Some examples might be disconnecting your downspouts, creating a rain garden, or using permeable pavers.

We appreciate the time you have taken today. We value your input to this study and encourage you to stay connected. If you have any additional comments or questions, contact the project team directly:

Pippy Warburton, P. Eng.

Aaron Ward, P. Eng., Project Manager
City of Thunder Bay