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City Government

About Us


To improve the health, safety and well-being of all citizens by working together to reduce the harm caused by substance use.


To create a drug strategy for The City of Thunder Bay that reflects the needs and strengths of its citizens. The strategy will focus on humane approaches that address the causes and effects of harm associated with substance use.

Guiding Principles

COLLABORATIVE: By working together as agencies, legislators and individuals, we will have greater success in preventing and addressing substance use-related issues.

EVIDENCE-BASED: While we respect the legal, international and Canadian laws governing the use and distribution of legal and illegal substances, we also work towards policies that reflect more reliance on science, and less on ideology.

REALISTIC: We will seek ways to more effectively use existing community resources, services, and processes focused on substance use issues, programs and solutions. We will actively seek more resources to address gaps that cannot be addressed with current resources.

RESPECTFUL: We respect the equality, dignity, rights and choices of people, families, neighbourhoods and communities. Everyone is important.

INNOVATIVE: We are open to new and creative ideas that have promising features and fit within our goals.

COMPASSIONATE: Everyone has a story. We value compassion and thoughtful reflection.