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Waterfront Village Study Area Expanding

July 11, 2006 – Based on input at the Public Open House in June, the Waterfront Village study area is being expanded beyond the immediate Marina Park area and the consultant is reviewing options for transforming Water Street in to a Parkway.
“We are at the stage now where we are trying to determine the best placement for the suggested highest and best uses,” Councillor Mark Bentz, Chair of the Waterfront Development Committee, said today at the Committee’s meeting. “We heard what people had to say at the open house and we are now taking the time to make sure the master plan takes into account the public’s input.”

Additional public open houses will be held in late August or early September.  “In the meantime, the public is invited to comment or make suggestions at any time,” said Councillor Bentz, noting that the waterfront development website is updated regularly for people wanting news or to make comments.  Visit for Committee minutes, news, photos, feedback and deputation request forms.

In January 2006, City Council endorsed the findings of a Highest and Best Use Study for the redevelopment and expansion of Marina Park. The study proposed a range of uses of the lands including recreational, residential, commercial and retail and suggested potential locations for those developments.

Further to endorsing the Study, Council authorized the development of the infrastructure and further reports and designs required to implement the proposed development and to secure the necessary approvals for the development to proceed.

The City of Thunder Bay retained a consultant team led by Brook McIlroy Planning and Urban Design/Pace Architects to develop design guidelines for the proposed Waterfront Village. BMI has received 10 awards for urban waterfront revitalization projects in the past five years alone and knows how to engage the public in the design process.

The firm is working with Thunder Bay to move the Waterfront Village to the next level – from concept to detailed master plan.  Planning began with a day-long design “charrette” on June 13 where the Waterfront Development Committee along with a diverse group of people in the community participated in a creative modeling process to generate design ideas and preliminary guidelines for the Waterfront Village. Following the day-long "charrette" session, members of the public were invited to the open house on June 14 to see the ideas generated and provide the input that is being acted on.


Contact: Councillor Mark Bentz, Chair, Waterfront Development Committee 577-8226