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Pier 2 Lanterns Unveiling

Three new works of art were unveiled Aug. 10 at the Pier 2 picnic docks at Prince Arthur’s Landing, the first public art installations at the waterfront to date.

The artwork, produced by local artist Mark Nisenholt, was selected through an open competition administered by the City’s Public Art Program, with the theme of Animate the Journey to the End of the Pier.

“The works are meant to elicit feeling and thoughts that are compatible with the vast spaces and contemplative state of mind that the lake shore embodies,” said Nisenholt in his original proposal.

The digitally-produced images are encased between panels of architectural glass, which are fastened to three cedar lantern structures. The three images, titled Paleogirls, The Swimmers and Ulysses, depict human-like forms partially submerged in water, and will glow during the daytime from southern light and be illuminated at night from an interior lamp.

“These thought–provoking installations are just the beginning,” said Bruce Stonehouse, Chair of the City’s Public Art Committee. “We can look forward to more new works that will define our community.”

Public art is a priority identified by the City’s Waterfront Development Committee and supported by City Council. The Lanterns competition was developed specifically as an opportunity for local artists and as a way for artists who traditionally produce two-dimensional work to be involved in the City’s public art program.