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Terms of Reference

As part of the planning process for the New Marina and Pool 6 Lands Individual Environmental Assessment (EA), a Terms of Reference (ToR) is being submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and other agencies and the public for review as required under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (EAA). If approved, the ToR will serve as a framework for the preparation and review of the EA for the proposed undertaking. This ToR is being prepared in accordance with Sections 6(2)(c) and 6.1(3) of the EAA.

Download the Complete Document:

Terms of Reference for New Marina and Pool 6 Lands Project  Adobe PDF, 190 pages, 20.4 MB


Download the Document By Section:

1.0 Overview, Table of Contents and Introduction
2.0 Purpose of the Proposed Undertaking
3.0 Environmental Assessment and Approvals Framework
4.0 Description and Rationale for the Proposed Undertaking
5.0 Description, Evaluation and Rational for Alternatives
6.0 Description of the Existing Environment
7.0 Consultation
8.0 Monitoring
9.0 References
Appendix A:
Supporting Documentation (Executive Summaries)
Appendix B:
Studies Undertaken in Support of the Project