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Clean, Green & Beautiful

Clean, Green & Beautiful

Celebrating Clean, Green & Beautiful - Nominations for the 2016 CGB Awards Now Open

Thunder Bay’s Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards recognize building and renovation projects and their landscapes, as well as outdoor public spaces, that enrich the life of the community through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening. Know of a deserving project? Make a nomination.

A Clean, Green & Beautiful Thunder Bay depends on the pride of residents, businesses, property owners and youth. It also makes good business sense and results in a healthy economy. Clean, green & beautiful cities attract visitors, highly skilled workers and investment, and enable us to live, work and play in well maintained, safe and pleasant surroundings. See how Clean, Green & Beautiful has changed the face of the City over the last 10 years. 

Read the Interactive Publication: (click image below)

Clean, Green & Beautiful in Action - What the City is Doing:

urban beautification

Through a partnership between Clean Green and Beautiful and the City’s Planning Division, an Urban Design Study was completed in 2012 after considerable work and public consultation. This work improves the quality of our City’s built environment by guiding the character of the City streets and informing future Municipal work.