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Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards

Clean, Green & Beautiful


If your business or organization is improving the physical environment and the quality of life in our city, we want to celebrate your efforts.

Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards

In September 2008, the City of Thunder Bay initiated the Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards to recognize building and renovation projects that enrich the life of the community through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening. Together, we can grow and nurture a community that we can all be proud of.

Nominate a Clean, Green & Beautiful Project

To be eligible, business and organization projects must include elements that represent the categories of Clean, Green & Beautiful - rating information attached. Projects must have been completed within the last two years. The four award levels are Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

How to Apply:

  • Nomination Forms are available online below or at City Hall, 500 Donald St E, 2nd floor reception. Self nominations are encouraged.
  • Upon receipt of a Nomination Form, the Awards Selection Committee will evaluate all nominations, follow-up with each nominee to complete the Project Description Form (below) and complete a tour of the nominated project prior to evaulation.
  • Winners will be invited to attend an award ceremony with City Council in April 2015 to announce the winners during CIvic Pride Month.

Nomination deadline is 4:30 pm, on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015. 

Nomination Form PDF Document Icon Adobe PDF, 1 page, 128 KB
Project Description Submission Form Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 142 KB
Informational Awards Handout PDF Document Icon Adobe PDF, 1 page, 111 KB

Please submit completed nomination forms to:

City of Thunder Bay

Corporate Communications - Corporate Strategic Services 

Address: P.O. Box 800

Thunder Bay ON P7C 5K4


Any Thunder Bay business, not-for profit or other organization with a building or renovation project or public space project that enriches the life of the community through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening. Projects must demonstrate elements from each of the Clean, Green & Beautiful categories (see Project Description Form). Projects must have been completed within the last two years.

Award Levels, Criteria and Recognition:

The four award levels are Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze. To achieve a Diamond Level Award, the project must include public art. All winners will receive an invitation for the Spring Awards Ceremony during Civic Pride Month in April. Videos profiling the winning projects are also produced. Projects will be ranked based on the following criteria and embody these elements:

1  CLEAN (Lifestyle / Culture)

a. Alternative / Active Transportation

Access to public transportaion, incorporation of bike racks, design for alternative transportation (electric cars, compact cars, bicycles, transit), and encouraging physical activity or healthy lifestyle

b. Public Amenities

Enhanced public access through landscape features, pathways, trails, gathering spaces, benches, fountains, accessible to public sidewalks, pathways and thoroughfares

c. Recycling

Recycling programs during construction and when building is in use, continued use of recycled and recyclable products, composting and use of non-disposable products.

d. Conservation / Preservation

Reuse or adaption of existing buildings, materials or landscapes, the preservation of built heritage or cultural heritage, re-purposing

2  GREEN (Energy / Environment)

a. Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Strategies

Reduced dependancy and use of energy, energy saving heating and A/C systems, plumbing, lighting, appliances, and improved thermal comfort through exceeding standard codes for insulating and construction strategies.Incorporating alternative means of energy (active and passive solar, wind, methane gas, cogeneration, wood, central supply heating) Must demonstrate that it exceeds the minumum energy requirements required by the Ontario Builidng Code.

b. Urban Forest

Addition of trees along property lines / public boulevards to contribute to the urban forest, demonstrated landscaping.

c. Storm Water Management

Advanced strategies for "Low Impact Design" for storm water management, storm water retention, collection of rain water for use as irrigation (roof and / or parking lot rain water run-off), permeable surfaces (hard and soft surfaces)

d. Materials / Process

Use of building materials containing recycled content, products with low volatile chemicals (VOC), rapidly renewable material (wood), materials with "low embodied energy", green facility maintenance, locally sourced green products.

e. Daylighting

Incorporating design strategies specific for maximizing natural daylight and improved views for building occupants

3  BEAUTIFUL (Emotional / Aesthetic / Social)

a. Public Art

Integrating original public art into buildings or landscapes through newly commissioned works -  intended to be experienced by the public through placement within areas accessible to the public. Includes incorporating public art competitions or public art allowances in project budgets.

b. Creative Design

Innovative and creative design to enhance the human experience - evoking a positive response. Incudes building facades, building enhancements and creative wholistic landscape design and other creative innovation.

c. Site Enhancement / Improvement

Development of the site to enhance or improve upon the physical and visual quality, preservation of natural and existing features, integration of a building and site

d. Education

Creating ongoing public and occupant awareness of green strategies, interpretive displays, training and maintaining awareness.

e. Stewardship

Demonstrating stewardship and support of enhancing the built and natural environment, quality of life, leadership in registering with a "green rating system" (LEED, Green Globes,  Forest Steward Council, Greenguard, Floorscore, Greenlabel, Green Seal, BREEAM, Living Builidng Challenge, etc). It is intended that this demonstration of stewardship would come from the actions and decisions of the Building Owner (not consultant or other outside influence).

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