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City Government

Categories and Elements

Clean, Green & Beautiful


Clean Category
Conserving Energy
Solid Waste Management
Sewage Treatment and Source Water Protection - Best Practice
Care And Maintenance of Public Space
Recycling and Reuse of Materials
Transit Improvements
Reducing Greenhouse Gas
Use of Alternative Energy

Green Category
Preservation of Natural Features
Intensification and Redevelopment
Planting Street Trees and Developing Urban Forests
Restoration of Natural Systems
Landscaping Continuous Parks and Open Space
Expanding Trail Network
Creating Pedestrian and Cycling Amenities
Protecting Biological Diversity
Protecting Ecological Integrity

Beautiful Category
Installation of Public Art
Creation of Civic Space
Conforms to Design Guidelines
Conserving Built Heritage
Celebrating Cultural Heritage
Preservation of Views
Creating Streetscapes
Innovative Architecture
Pedestrian Scale
Accessible to All