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The Committee

Clean, Green & Beautiful


City Council endorsed a Clean, Green and Beautiful Policy developed during more than a year of research, discussion and hard work by the Mayor's Task Force on Civic Pride. The Task Force evolved into the Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee that is working to provide the civic leadership necessary to bring together business, industry and community leaders to find creative solutions to improve the City's appearance.

The purpose of the Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee is to develop a common vision to enhance the function, look and feel of where we live, work and play through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening initiatives and, in doing so, enhance civic pride for all residents.

The Committee's Objectives  

  • To establish a long-term plan that will provide for the future of Thunder Bay's beautification.
  • To identify and prioritize short and long-term projects to enhance the image of the City.
  • To identify and recommend private and public sector investment strategies and resources to implement projects.
  • To engage the community in a civic pride campaign to support the Committee's shared understanding that Thunder Bay is a great place to live, work and play.

The Clean, Green and Beautiful Committee is made up of representatives with an interest in promoting civic pride:

Mayor Keith Hobbs, Ex Officio
Councillor Rebecca Johnson, Chair
Cory Stechyshyn, President - i4architecture and Chair of the Northwestern Ontario Association of Architects
Sharon Godwin, Executive Director - Thunder Bay Art Gallery
Biljana Baker, Local Artist
Pamela Caland, Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport
Ashleigh Marchl, Large Business Representative
Diana Pallen, Heritage Advisory Committee
Shannon Costigan, EcoSuperior
Geoff Ritchie, Small Business Representative
Peter Mersch, Landscape Designer
Daniel Hansen, Public Art Committee
Andrew Garro, Citizen Representative
Karen Nadeau, Labour Representative

As a result of the City's Clean, Green & Beautiful Policy, new City infrastructure will be planned and built to be  Cleaner, Greener and more Beautiful. The Committee developed a concept that lists a number of criteria under the categories of Clean, Green & Beautiful - ranging from conserving energy or planting trees to incorporating public art.

To meet the Gold standard, a project must meet at least three criteria in each of the Clean, Green & Beautiful factor groups. To meet the Diamond standard, a project must meet the Gold standard and include an additional element from the Beautiful category.

The policy also allows for funding to add public art and beautification to public spaces that have already been developed. The Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee will identify opportunities for public art and make recommendations to Council on an annual Clean, Green & Beautiful Plan, reporting on the achievements in the year past and plans for the year to come. The Committee's highest priority is creating Gateways at major entrances to the City because of their highly visible community-wide impact.

We should all ask ourselves, what can I do to support Clean, Green & Beautiful?

What makes a project Clean, Green & Beautiful? Adobe PDF, 1 page, 29 KB
Building Clean, Green & Beautiful - The Diamond Model Adobe PDF, 1 page, 111 KB 
What the Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee is all about
- Overview Presentation
Adobe PDF, 38 pages 1.66 MB

For more information contact the Office of the City Clerk at (807) 625-2230.