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City Government

Board/Committee By-laws

Board/Committee by-laws include the following topics:
Chapter 36 Board of Management North Downtown Improvement Area
Chapter 38 Board of Management Simpson Street Improvement Area
Chapter 41 Board of Management Victoria Avenue Business Improvement Area
Chapter 43 Board of Management Victoriaville Centre
Chapter 47 Committee of Adjustment
Chapter 48 Corporate Administrative Sub-Committee of the Committee of the Whole
Chapter 50 Court of Revision
Chapter 71 Hydro - Electric Commission
Chapter 78 Library Board
Chapter 81 Licence - Hearing Committee
Chapter 83 Local Achitectural Committee
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Disclaimer: By-laws on this website are provided for convenience only. For accurate reference, consult copies of the official By-laws and documents in the Office of the City Clerk.

The following amendments, and others that may not be listed here, have been made but not incorporated into the online document above:

By-law 69-2003

Amends Chapter 38
Section 38.2.2 - "Composition - Members - Qualifications" be amended by deleting the word "fifteen" and replacing with the word "nine" and deleting the phrase "two of whom shall be members" and replacing with the phrase "one if which shall be a member"

By-law 47-2004
March 9, 2004
Amends Chapter 83 - Respecting the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee change of name to Heritage Advisory Committee.
By-law 60-2004
March 22, 2004
Amends Chapter 78: Section 78.1.2(b) is amended by deleting reference to "five (5)" and replacting with "six (6)" and Section 78.1.2(c) is amended by deleting the reference to "two (2) persons" and replacing with "one (1) person."