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City Government

Council By-laws

Council by-laws include the following topics:
Chapter 6 Ballot Composite - Use
Chapter 11 Meeting - Information Exchange with Residents
Chapter 14 Procedure - Ad Hoc Committee
Chapter 16 Procedure - Committee
Chapter 17 Procedure - Council
Chapter 18 Procedure - Public Hearing
Chapter 24 Ward System - Establishment
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By-laws on this website are provided for convenience only. For accurate reference, consult copies of the official By-laws and documents in the Office of the City Clerk.

The following amendments, and others that may not be listed here, have been made but not incorporated into the online documents above:

By-law 37-2003                       

Amends Chapter 17

Section 17.13 be amended by adding the following:
"Confirming By-law: The agenda for all meetings of City Council shall include the introduction of a by-law to confirm, by the majority vote of the Council, each action, motion, resolution and other action passed or taken by the Council at that meeting.

Such by-law to be introduced on the agenda following any and all Notices of Motion, being the last item of business immediately prior to a Motion for Adjournment.

The form and structure of the confirming by-law shall be as found in Schedule 'A' attached."

Section 17.6 be amended by inserting the following heading:

"1) Confirmation By-law"

 By-law 118-2003                                             Amends Chapter 18 respecting Procedure - Public Hearing as follows:  
  • All References to "Public Hearing" be amended to read "Public Meeting" - including Chapter Title
  • 18.5.8 through 18.5.11 be renumbered as 18.5.9 through 18.15.12
  • A new section 18.5.8 be inserted
  • 18.6.1 delete paragraph (e) and substitute the following:
    • (e) By-laws
    • (f) Adjournment
  • 18.8.1 deleted and new paragraph be inserted
By-law 74-2004
April 5, 2004

Amends Chapter 16 - Section 16.12.2 is repealed
Amends Chapter 17 - Section 17.16.2 is repealed
By-law Number 43-2001 is repealed

By-law 75-2004
April 5, 2004
Amends Chapter 11 - Section 11.1.11 and 11.1.16 are repealed
By-law 142-2004
June 14, 2004
Amends Chapter 16 & 17 - Various Amendments
By-law 82-2005
July 25, 2005
Amends Chapter 17, Section 17.3.3 by deleting the phrase "Three readings" and replacing with "One reading".