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City Government

Finance By-laws

Finance by-laws include the following topics:
Chapter 431 Assessment - Equalized Implementation
Chapter 435 Borrowing - Current Purposes
Chapter 437 Budget Process - Annual
Chapter 482 Petty Cash System
Chapter 487 Remuneration - Expense Council - Local  Board Employee
Chapter 489 Reserve Fund Community Centres
Chapter 499 Utility - Account Collection
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Disclaimer: By-laws on this website are provided for convenience only. For accurate reference, consult copies of the official By-laws and documents in the Office of the City Clerk.

The following amendments, and others that may not be listed here, have been made but not incorporated into the online documents above:

By-law 235-2003
September 23, 2003

Amends Chapter 487 - Replaces Schedule "A", Section 487.2.1 amended, Section 487.2.8 repealed

By-law 22-2004
January 1,2004
 Amends Chapter 487 - Schedule "D" - Mileage Rates

a) Mileage rates for personal vehicles will be equal to the rates approved by Canada Customs & Revenue Agency (CCRA) for non-taxable mileage allowances

b)  Changes in the CCRA rates shall be used to provide for an automatic adjustment of mileage allowances rates and Schedule "D" be further amended by substituting the daily rate allowance of "$45.00" for "$52.00", and deleting the phrase "The daily rate allowance is to be adjusted annually based on changes to the Consumer Price Index (Food Index)."

By-law 257-2004
October 18, 2004
Amends Chapter 487, Sch. "B" - addition of point no. 7 - TBay Tel Board, Repeals Chapter 1062