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City Government

Twinning Criteria & Policy

Twinning relationships will be considered when the following criteria can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of City Council:

  • identified similarities and shared characteristics or interests between Thunder Bay and the candidate community
  • identified community interest in a relationship from citizens, business community and cultural groups in Thunder Bay
  • identified potential cultural, educational and economic exchanges and interaction between Thunder Bay and the candidate community

Other factors that may affect a decision to twin will include:

  • location and regional proximity of existing twinned communities
  • the number of twinning relationships in place
  • ability, within existing resources, to maintain the relationships with exchange visits at least once in every five years
  • participation in sponsored programs from agencies such as CIDA, CUSO, etc.

The Sister Cities Advisory Committee will evaluate requests to establish twinning relationships, and present its recommendations on the number and selection of sister cities to City Council through an Administrative Corporate Report.

Twinning Relationship Official Policy Adobe PDF, 3 pages, 32 KB