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City Government

Your Council

Mayor Keith Hobbs 2014The City of Thunder Bay is governed by an elected Council of 13 members who serve for a four-year term: the Mayor, five Councillors at Large, and seven Ward Councillors.

Together, they provide municipal representation for all citizens.

The current term runs from 2014 - 2018.

Councillor Andrew Foulds 2014 Councillor Trevor Giertuga 2014 Councillor Paul Pugh 2014 Counicllor Linda Rydholm 2014
Councillor Shelby Ch'ng profile pic Councillor Brian McKinnon 2014 Councillor Joe Virdiramo 2014 Councillor Frank Pullia profile pic
Councillor Iain Angus 2014 Councillor Rebecca Johnson 2014 Councillor Larry Hebert 2014 Councillor Aldo Ruberto 2014