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City Government

Mayor Clarence Hugh Jackson

Portrait of Mayor C. H. JacksonClarence Hugh Jackson was born in Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 1872. His father worked in the locomotive industry and later moved the family to Prince Arthur’s Landing. It is said that Jackson’s father, Hugh Taylor Jackson, was the conductor of the first passenger train run by the Canadian Pacific Railway departing Port Arthur on June 11, 1882.

Jackson moved to Fort William in 1893 to open a boot and shoe store, C.H. Jackson & Co. He formed a partnership with Albert E. Rutledge, beginning in 1896, and in 1897, moved the business to the Victoria Block, of which he and Rutledge later became owners.

Jackson was elected Mayor in 1904, receiving 504 of the 636 votes cast. During his one-year in office, the new town hall and fire hall were erected and the Bell telephone system was purchased. He also travelled to Montreal in order to negotiate a deal with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway which would situate their terminals in Fort William and build a bridge over the Kaministiquia River in West Fort.

In 1919, Jackson and Charles Birkett played a significant role in financing and building the Prince of Wales Rink. Jackson served as assistant Secretary-treasurer of the Royal Edward Hotel in March 1928, and was named Fort William’s Registrar of Land Titles in 1932. He re-entered politics once for the 1929 Mayoral race but came in a distant third place.

Born: April 29, 1872, in Pictou, Nova Scotia
Died: Aug. 4, 1944, in Loon Lake, Ontario at the age of 72
Councillor: 1901-1903
Mayor: 1904
Mayoral Candidate: 1929


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