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Mayor Louis Lawrence Peltier

Portrait of Mayor L. L. PeltierLouis Lawrence Peltier was of French-Canadian descent and born in Vermont. He found work with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway as a Freight Brakeman. Peltier played a large role in establishing the first trainmen’s organization in North America in 1879.

In 1889, Peltier came to Fort William, where he worked as the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Yard Master, later transferring to become a Conductor in 1891. He was elected General Chairman of the Order of Railway Conductors in June 1902, a position which governed the entire CPR system. Peltier was also elected as the Canadian legislative representative of the Order of Railway Conductors in May 1916, which involved taking part in parliamentary sessions in Ottawa. He held this role until 1931.

Peltier was a trustee for the Fort William Public Schools for six years and played a large part in obtaining a high school for Fort William in 1899. His municipal political career began with an unsuccessful run for Councillor of Ward 2 in 1902, and he was successfully elected in 1903. In 1907, he ran for Mayor and lost to James Murphy but was victorious in 1909. He was acclaimed to a second term as Mayor in 1910; however, he was not present for the last two months as he was sitting on a board of conciliation in Winnipeg.

As Mayor he had an important role in helping to resolve the bloody strike of the freight handlers and stevedores, and was known for supporting the working man.

Born: June 8, 1853 or 1854, in Milton, Chittenden County, Vermont or Rutland, Vermont
Died: March 7, 1939, in Magnetawan, Ontario at the age of 86
Councillor: 1903, 1908
Councillor Candidate: 1902
Mayoral Candidate: 1907, 1913
Mayor: 1909-1910 


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