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City Government

Mayor Chisholm Mackenzie Ross

Portrait of Mayor Chisholm RossChisholm Mackenzie Ross and his family first moved to Fort William in the late 1880s before moving to Chicago and then back to Fort William in 1905. Ross attended high school at Fort William Collegiate Institute and attended Ohio State University where he studied engineering for two years. 

Ross worked with his father and with James Whalen on numerous engineering and dredging projects in Fort William. He was made Vice-President of Northern Engineering Construction and Supply Company in 1916, the company which his father had founded in 1905. He held this position for years and became President in 1932.

Ross was a Public School Trustee for six years and a City Councillor for three. He was first elected Mayor in 1938, and won two more two-year terms after that, serving as Mayor until 1942. In May 1939, during Ross’ second term as Mayor, H. M. King George VI visited Fort William as part of his royal tour of Canada.

Ross moved to Toronto in 1942 and was made Vice-President of the Emergency Manpower Commission of the Toronto district.

Born: March 25, 1893 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Died: Aug. 11, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 51
Councillor: 1934-1936
Mayor: 1938-1942


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