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City Government

Mayor George Hugh Macdonell

Portrait of Mayor George Hugh MacdonellGeorge Hugh Macdonell was born in Toronto, descended from United Empire Loyalists. He was educated in Quebec, attended military schools in Montreal, and later served under Colonel Garnet Wolseley in the Red River Expedition.

After managing a storehouse in Montreal for a number of years, Macdonell worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). By May 1882, he was living in Port Arthur and was involved with the Hamilton Powder Company on the Prince Arthur's Landing waterfront. Macdonell was also an insurance agent, and played a part in mining and CPR construction contracts to the east of Port Arthur.

Macdonell's political career began after James Conmee left Port Arthur to pursue provincial politics. He was elected Mayor of Port Arthur from 1886-1888, and again in 1900. Macdonell ran against Conmee in the Ontario General Election in June 1890, but was defeated by Conmee's 786 votes to his 727.

Macdonell was elected the Conservative Member of Parliament for Algoma district in the Federal Election of 1891, but was defeated by Albert Dyment in 1896. After this defeat Macdonell to return to Port Arthur where he once again took up contracting and politics. He left Port Arthur in July 1900 for work in Manitoba, and later was appointed Dominion Lands Agent in Medicine Hat, and then Lethbridge. He died in Lethbridge in 1920. 

Born: Feb. 10, 1851 in Toronto, Ontario
Died: April 1, 1920, in Lethbridge, Alberta
Councillor: 1885
Mayor: 1886-1888, 1900
Member of Parliament: Algoma, 1891-1896 

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