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Mayor Aaron Squier

Portrait of Mayor Aaron SquierAaron Squier, born in Peel County in 1834, was living in Port Arthur by 1884 and worked as an insurance agent. He became interested in politics in 1889 when the train incident occurred between the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and the anti-CPR faction, putting an end to Thomas Ambrose Gorham's political career.

Squier was elected Mayor for 1890 and spent a busy year in office. He tried to appease both parties in the CPR conflict, but was not particularly successful. He also made the decision to construct the street railway from Port Arthur to Fort William.

The street railway project was of particular concern to Squier, and he felt that it should be built using private capital. This position did not sit well with the citizens of Port Arthur and he lost the 1891 election to James Farrand Ruttan.

Port Arthur was facing difficult times due to the economic depression. After Squier lost the 1891 election, he and his wife decided to spend the winter months in Toronto. Eventually Squier sold his business and visited Port Arthur less frequently. His last visit was in 1904 and he passed away in Toronto in 1926.

Squier Street and Squier Place were both named in his honour.

Born: Oct. 20, 1834 in Albion, Peel County, Ontario
Died: April 9, 1926 in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 91
Councillor Candidate: 1888
Mayoral Candidate: 1891
Mayor: 1890


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