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City Government

Mayor Norman Robert Wilson

Portrait of Mayor Norman Robert WilsonNorman Robert Wilson, who was not originally from Port Arthur, was trained as an accountant and worked for nearly 20 years as an accountant and automotive executive. He was heavily involved in the automotive industry and was president of his own company, N. R. Wilson Motor Co. Ltd.

Wilson was a past President of Rotary Club and the Thunder Bay Auto Dealers Association; the Director of the Chamber of Commerce; and the General Canvass Chairman of the Community Chest. Wilson was involved with the YMCA, and as a young man, was involved in boxing and dancing.

Wilson was elected Mayor of Port Arthur in 1959, was acclaimed for his second term, and elected for his third. While in office, his main goals were to run the city more efficiently, attract new industries, and keep the City’s finances on track.

Born: 1908 (date unconfirmed)
Mayor: 1959-1961


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