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City Government

Thunder Bay City Councils 1970 - 1978

1970, 1971 & 1972 City Council - Mayor Saul Laskin
Councillors                    Notes of Interest 
George C. Wardrope Resigned September 13, 1970 
Michael Hennessy  
Grace Remus   
Donald J. Lenardon   
Edgar Laprade Resigned February 15, 1972
Walter M. Assef   
Hugh J. Cook   
Wallace E. Bryan Resigned March 23, 1970 
George H. Lovelady  Resigned February 15, 1972 
Charles M. Johnston   
Hubert Badanai  Resigned February 15, 1972 
 William M. Morgan  
Donald G. Aedy Appointed April 13, 1970
Thomas J. Jones Appointed September 14, 1970; Resigned February 15, 1972 
Taras Kozyra Elected May 29, 1972 
Paul Inksetter Elected May 29, 1972 
Edgar Laprade Elected May 29, 1972 
Florence Koss                          Elected May 29, 1972 


1973 & 1974 City Council - Mayor Walter Assef
Councillors                               Ward                  Notes of Interest                                              
Mickey Hennessy Fort William  
Grace A. Remus  Fort William  
Don Aedy  Fort William  
Hugh J. Cook Fort William   Resigned March 31, 1974 
Dale Willoughby  Fort William  
Larry Baarts Fort William Appointed April 1, 1974 
Taras Kozyra  McIntyre   
Roberta Taylor  Neebing  
Charles M. Johnston  Port Arthur  
Edward V. Anten  Port Arthur   
Bill Morgan  Port Arthur  
Paul Inksetter  Port Arthur  
Don Lenardon Port Arthur Resigned July 31, 1974
Florence Koss Port Arthur Appointed August 1, 1974


1975 & 1976 Council - Mayor Walter Assef
Councillors                                Ward                 Notes of Interest                                              
Mickey Hennessy  Fort William   
Grace Remus  Fort William    
Edward V. Anten  Fort William  
Larry M. Baarts  Fort William  
Dale Willoughby  Fort William  
Taras Kozyra  McIntyre  
Roberta (Robbie) Taylor Neebing Resigned August 13, 1975 
Mario Tocheri Neebing Appointed August 14, 1975    
Herman Scarnati  Port Arthur  
Paul Inksetter  Port Arthur   
Dusty Miller  Port Arthur  
Bill Morgan  Port Arthur  
Florence Koss  Port Arthur  


1977 & 1978 City Council - Mayor Walter Assef
Councillors                                Ward                 Notes of Interest                                              
Kenneth R. Tilson  Current River  
Charles Johnston  Current River  
Dusty Miller  Red River  
Bill Morgan Red River Resigned October 31, 1977 
John P. Packota Red River Appointed November 7, 1977  
Mickey Hennessy  McKellar Resigned June 23, 1977
Lawrence Timko  McKellar  
Eleanor Morin McKellar Appointed June 23, 1977  
Taras Kozyra  Dawson Resigned June 30, 1978 
Joe Vander Wees Dawson Appointed June 29, 1978
Dale Willoughby Northwood  
Romeo Lovis  Northwood  
Rene Larson  Westfort  
Curley W. P. McLean  Westfort Deceased May 1978
Michael Chicorli Westfort Appointed May 23, 1978
Don Smith  Kam River  


Note: Thunder Bay Council for 1979 appears with the '1979 & 1980 City Council' under 1980s.


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