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City Council 1986 - 1987 

The photograph depicts Mayor Jack Masters and City Council in Council Chambers in, approximately, 1986-1987. This photograph is unique as it is the first time two future mayors - David Hamilton and Ken Boshcoff - have participated as Aldermen on same City Council. The Council members in the photograph appear from left to right.

Chief Administrative Office – D. R. MacLeod, City Clerk – H. T. Kirk

Front Row:
Alderman T. Kozyra (Alderman at large), Alderman W. S. Lysnes (Westfort Ward), Mayor Jack Masters, Alderman B. Kennedy (McKellar Ward), Alderman K. Boshcoff (Alderman at large)

Back Row:
Alderman J. D. Polhill (Neebing Ward), Alderman J. Ranta (Current River Ward), Alderman D. Miller (Alderman  at large), Alderman J Vander Wees (Alderman at large), Alderman A. Laakkonen (Red River Ward), Alderman D. Hamilton (Northwood Ward), Alderman P. Krause (McIntyre Ward), Alderman L. Timko (Alderman at large)

City of Thunder Bay Series Number: 128
Accession Number: 2010-25-21