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Working Groups

Working Groups

The Crime Prevention Council currently has five working groups that meet regularly to advance the vision and goals of the Strategy.

The Communications & Education Working Group supports the Crime Prevention Council Coordinator in the development and implementation of public education and media relations initiatives and activities. Specifically, this group:

  • engages in advocacy and education that supports the vision and guiding principles of the Strategic Plan
  • changes attitudes to and awareness of causes and perceptions of crime
  • informs the public on trends, contexts and circumstances concerning crime, and
  • shares knowledge of new and existing crime prevention, safety and security initiatives in Thunder Bay.

The Support Strong Neighbourhoods Working Group develops the timeline and detailed actions needed to:

  • support the development and implementation of a two year neighbourhood support pilot project to foster neighbourhood cohesion & social development, and
  • support the implementation of a neighbourhood toolkit on community building & crime prevention

The Support for Aboriginal Populations Working Group develops the timeline and detailed actions needed to implement the Community Safety & Crime Prevention Strategy. Specifically, this group:

  • offers support to urban and regional Aboriginal partners and community organizations and members for the development and implementation of an ongoing welcoming strategy for members of the Aboriginal population moving to Thunder Bay.

The Violence Against Women working group has their own Terms of reference and will work with the Coordinator of the Crime Prevention Council to:

  • identify and address emerging trends with regards to sexual assault and intimate partner violence
  • revisit gendered violence response protocols between police and other service providers
  • reduce barriers to reporting for women who fear personal or systemic re-victimization
  • engage key political leaders to acknowledge the issue and champion these efforts, and
  • educate the public on the prevalence of gendered and racialized violence using a local fact sheet and publicity campaign.

5) respect.
respect. is a joint initiative of the Crime Prevention Council and the Anti-Racism Committee. The respect. Working Group will focus on the implementation of the respect. Initiative. The overall goals are to:

  • raise awareness of how people should treat one another
  • encourage the principles which underpin the respect. Initiative.
  • Help create a respectful community
    For more information, visit respect.