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BizPaL helps you generate a personalized list of the business documents you need for the levels of government—local, provincial/territorial, and federal—you may have to deal with in order to grow or start up your business. And if you are already operating, BizPaL can help you verify that you have all the correct permits and licences.

How BizPaL Helps

  • Save time and money Because most of the information you need is available from a single source, you spend less time searching and more time building your business.
  • Improve business planning With BizPaL, you know which permits and licences are needed for your business, enabling you to comply with them and get it right the first time.
  • Get answers when you need them As an online service, BizPaL is available night or day to help you navigate government requirements. What’s more, all answers are tailored to your business situation.
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