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Certified Testers

The new Water Works By-law requires that only certified testers can test and inspect backflow prevention devices.

A certified tester is one who holds:

  • A valid and current Certificate of Achievement in Cross Connection Control endorsed by Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA);
  • A current calibration certificate (with traceability to the National Institute for Standardization Technology (N.I.S.T.) for the test equipment to be employed.

Contractors with Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers

  • Aqua North Plumbing & Heating
  • A. Villeneuve Mechanical Ltd.
  • B. Gibson Mechanical 
  • Caledon Creek Mechanical
  • Clow Darling Limited
  • Craig Plumbing Centre
  • E.S. Fox Limited
  • G4 Mechanical Services
  • Proactive Water Solutions 
  • Robert's Plumbing & Sheet Metal Co.
  • Scharf Mechanical 
  • Thermal Mechanical Systems Inc.
  • Twin City Plumbing & Heating 
  • Venshore Mechanical Ltd