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Zoning By-law

Online Publications PhotoThe Comprehensive Zoning By-law 100-2010 provides a tool for the City to manage the present and future use of land in the City and it protects property owners from the development of conflicting land uses.

The Zoning for your property can be quickly checked by address using the online Zoning Map.

Visit the Zoning By-law 100-2010 page for the text and maps of the Zoning By-law. 

The previous Zoning By-law 177-1983 has been repealed with the exception of certain site-specific amendments referenced in Section 2 of the Zoning By-law.

 Official Plan

Official Plan Image The Official Plan contains a map of land-use designations for the entire City, showing the future intended use of land. The text of the Official Plan contains the policies relating to each land use designation.

View the Official Plan Index web page to access the plan, land-use schedules and updates current to May 2005.  

Urban Design Guidelines

Urban Design GuidelinesView the Urban Design Guidelines on the Clean, Green & Beautiful webpage.



Additional Online Publications
Name PDF
2004 Subdivision/Condominium Manual
Thunder Bay Port Authority Community Improvement Plan
2004 Thunder Bay International Airport Community Improvement Plan
2000 North Waterfront District Community Improvement Plan
Waverly Park Heritage Conservation District Study
2014 Lot/Unit Inventory & Monitoring Report