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Economic Development (CEDC)

The City of Thunder Bay contributes to economic development in many ways. A few key contributions include:

  • developing and maintaining key infrastructure
  • supporting our superior quality of life through a variety of services and programs
  • funding the Community Economic Development Commission

The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission is led by an independent board with core funding from the City of Thunder Bay. The City's financial contribution includes operating funding, a $300,000 project fund and a $1 million investment fund.

The creation of the CEDC, which incorporated in 2006, followed an extensive consultation process with community partners. Led by Mayor Lynn Peterson, the partners developed a made-in-Thunder Bay model for economic development that was approved by City Council. The model included four key elements that became the mandate for the CEDC:

  • Project based
  • Business led
  • Community supported
  • Partner driven

The City and the CEDC work together to promote economic development in Thunder Bay and support the development, attraction and retention of business in the community.

Visit the Community Economic Development Commission's website for more information on the Commission, its strategic priorities, initiatives and key investment information.