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Realty Services

City of Thunder Bay
Realty Services

The City's real property holdings, which include lands both inside and outside of City limits, consist of approximately 29,000 acres (11,734 hectares) or about 51 square miles (131 square kilometres), not including streets and lanes. The Loch Lomond Watershed represents most of the Corporation's land outside the City limits. Within the City's limits, the City's land holdings represent more than 11,500 acres (4,652 hectares) or approximately 14 per cent of Thunder Bay's total land area. 

The City of Thunder Bay is the community's largest single property owner.

Realty Services acquires lands required by City departments for their particular needs and projects as well as lands required for future development. The Division is responsible for the administration and negotiation of all purchases of land, with/without buildings, for the municipality. Realty Services also ensures that the long-term interests of the community are considered and that the land is acquired in the fairest possible manner and at an equitable price.

Property Disposal

Realty Services disposes of all surplus lands, including industrial, commercial, institutional and residential lots that are no longer required for a municipal purpose. Surplus property may be disposed of through public auction, public lottery, public tender, direct sale by City, land exchange, call for proposal and listing with a real estate broker. Land is sold at appraised market value.


The Realty Services Division is responsible for managing all leases of vacant land and office space, needed by various City departments. The Division also leases City-owned land (or buildings) to other governmental entities, non-profit corporations, private businesses and individuals.

Licence of Occupation (Encroachment Agreement)

The City owns parcels of land including streets, lanes and parks. Formal approval is required from the City of Thunder Bay to protect the City from proposed or existing encroachments on these lands. An encroachment is defined as a portion of a building, retaining wall or other structure that extends onto City property. The City has established a corporate policy for the processing of a Licence of Occupation Application for New Construction or Existing Encroachments. Owners of the encroachment are required to enter into a Licence of Occupation Agreement with the City or remove the encroachment. The owner must submit a completed application form, which includes approvals from the City's utility providers and Engineering Division. An agreement will not be entered into without these approvals. The applicant must pay a $300 application fee, survey costs (if required), an annual $100 fee and provide appropriate insurance coverage.


Realty Services is responsible for the administration of all easement documentation for the municipality. The documentation ensures that the municipality has a legal interest to use the land of a private property owner (or vice versa) as the case may be. Easements are obtained by the City to protect the interests of servicing departments and agencies (e.g., Thunder Bay Hydro, Telephone, Gas, Engineering, Shaw Cable, etc.) to permit access to and placement of services (i.e., cable installation, drainage, gas lines, street lighting, etc.). The Division also processes easement reduction applications submitted by property owners who wish to create more buildable area within their property by removing or reducing the area of the easement. Reductions will only be granted with the approval of all utility providers.

Street and Lane Closing

Realty Services is responsible for the closing and potential sale of any streets and lanes within the Municipality. The closing and sale of any streets and lanes is governed by the Municipal Act. Upon submission of a Street and Lane Closing Application, Realty analyzes the viability of the request, which includes input from servicing departments and agencies regarding the need to retain easement rights. The Division also responds to area residents' concerns and/or objections regarding the closing. Council approvals are subsequently obtained and a survey is completed. Advertisements and a closing By-law are prepared and registered and transfer documents completed, all at the expense of the applicant.

Development Services Department

Realty Services Division, City of Thunder Bay


2nd Floor, Victoriaville Civic Centre
111 Syndicate Ave. South, P.O. Box 800
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
P7C 5K4

Tel: (807) 625-3199
Fax: (807) 625-2977
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30


Joel DePeuter, MA Mgmt

Tel: (807)  625-2545


Lisa Zawadzki,
Senior Property Agent

Tel: (807) 625-2527                     

Kathy Charlton,
Property Agent

Tel: (807) 625-3317

Jessi Ruberto,
Property Agent

Tel: (807) 625-2477                

Peder Olsen,
Property Agent

Tel:           (807) 625-2540               

Luisa Burgess, Realty Clerk

Tel: (807) 625-2991