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Innova Vision & Objectives

The vision for Innova is to create a comprehensive development which acts as a community focal point for a wide variety of business opportunities - a bold and progressive concept that has become reality. Innova Business Park is poised to offer exceptional commercial opportunities in the geographical centre of North America.

This municipally owned business park is centrally located on 71 prime acres within the City of ThuMeeting Imagender Bay, the region's commercial centre. Lots ranging from small, single-use to large, multi-use sizes provide opportunities for a wide variety of ventures, including research and development, high technology, service-based, and light industrial enterprises.

The park's development objectives are: Construction Site

  • Innova will be a premier business development, which will result in an integrated park, compatible with the community now and in the future.
  • Innova's quality will continually contribute to and enhance the success of its investors' enterprises.
  • Innova's accessibility and convenient location will provide a solid foundation that supports long-term relationships with owners, clients and customers.
  • Innova will offer an attractive, long-term return on investment to its partners