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Property Listings

NOTE: The following information is considered to be basic approximate information only and is not intended to describe the subject property fully. Any interested party should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the property for their purposes.

Many of the City's properties are zoned Open Space, which permits only limited uses. Property that is currently zoned Open Space is listed in the category for which it is thought that the land is best suited. This is not to suggest that the property cannot be rezoned for a different use, particularly since a rezoning from the Open Space zone is required prior to development.

City-Owned Properties Available For Sale and Lease

Residential Listings
639 McLaughlin Street  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 197 KB
202 Blucher Ave & ptn Windsor  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 420 KB 
Weigand Street Lot  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 535 KB
Junot Avenue South  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 472 KB


Multi-Residential & Institutional Listings
218 Empire Avenue West  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 164 KB
Hudson Avenue and Shuniah Street  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 143 KB
1040 Huron Avenue  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 139 KB
1101 Syndicate Avenue South  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 215 KB
700 McTavish Street   Offer Pending
213-215 Simpson Street
Junot Avenue South  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 472 KB


  Industrial & Commercial Listings
213-215 Simpson Street  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 454 KB
Innova Business Park  Adobe PDF, 5 pages, 174 KB


Leasing Opportunities 
Victoriaville Centre  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 87 KB
Whalen Building