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Building Permit Forms & Documents

For the document and form* requirements for a complete building permit application, refer to our Home Building/Renovation page, or open our Building Permit Information Pamphlets (below).

*Forms recommended for print in legal format (8.5" x 14") are shown thus (*legal)

Building Permit Application Forms(1) 
Building/Demolition/Plumbing Permit Application     
Schedule 1 (BCIN Designer Information)

Note (1): See our "Supplemental Forms" (below) for other formwork that may be required as part of a complete permit application. For permit application requirements, see our "Information Pamphlets" and "Application Checklists" (below).  The "Schedule 1" form is not required for projects requiring the design/review services of an architect and/or engineer(s). For required "Architect & Engineers Design/Review Forms", see below.    

Building Permit Application Checklists 
Residential Permit Application Checklist (*legal)                           
Commercial Permit Application Checklist (*legal)
Building Permit Information Pamphlets
Single Family Detached Residence
Residential Accessory Buildings
Residential Basement Development (*legal)
Residential Decks (*legal)
Residential Solid Fuel Burning Appliances (*legal) 
Residential Building/Plumbing Inspection
Large/Complex Buildings (Constr./Add'ns) (*legal)
Large/Complex Buildings (Reno's/Alter'ns) (*legal)
Large/Complex Buildings (Req'd Drawings) (*legal)                          
Demolition (*legal)
Residential Well - Water Supply
2012 Building Code Changes
Building Permit Application Supplemental Forms/Notices(2)
Applicable Law Declaration
Change of Use/Permit Transfer Form (*legal)
Clearance from Electrical Power Lines
Deck Construction Form (*legal)
Detached Garage/Shed Construction Form (*legal)
Drawing Standards
Energy Efficiency Prescriptive Design Form
Energy Efficiency Performance Design Form       Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 126KB
Heritage Approval Committee Process
Plumbing Information Form  (*legal)
Pool Fence By-Law Handout
Pool Fence Information Form (*legal)
Residential Permit Fee Calculation Form
Residential Exhaust Fans Only Design Form (*legal)              
Residential Mechanical System Design Form
Water Well Document Package
Water Well Quantity Test Form

Note (2): In addition to our Permit Application Form(s), some of the above forms may require completion and submission as part of a complete permit application package. Refer to our "Building Permit Information Pamphlets" (above) for your particular project. 

Architects & Engineers Design/Review Forms(3)
Letter of Understanding/Commitment of Review
Architect/Engineer Review/Commit. Certificate                    
Combined Understanding/Rev/Comm.Certificate (single page alternate to two preceding forms)

Note (3): The above forms must be completed and submitted for projects requiring the design/review services of an Ontario architect and/or Ontario professional engineer(s). Descriptions of some projects requiring the services of an architect and/or engineer(s) can be found in our "Industrial/Commercial/Institutional" permit pamphlets (above).

Demolition Permit Application Supplemental Forms/Notices(4)
Demolition - Supplemental Information Form (*legal)
Fire Department - Supplemental Demolition Information Form
Habitat for Humanity (Recycling/Donations)
Ministry of Environment, Notice to Contractors (Infractions/Fines) 
ZWAT Recycling Fact Sheet

Note (4): For demolition permit requirements, refer to our "Building Permit Information Pamphlets" (above), under "Demolition".

Inspection Requirements & Supplemental Notices
Notices of Inspection (1 & 2 Family Homes) (*legal)
Notices of Inspection (Other Than Homes) (*legal)                               
Notices of Inspection Small Residential Projects/Demolitions) 
Residential HRV Balancing Report (*legal)