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Couple Celebrates Lake Superior

Despite readily available outdoor activities on Superior’s north shore, outdoor enthusiasts commercial publications

“For us, the quality of life is just better (here),” says Michelle (l-r) with Sarah and Darren with Nathan.

“For us, the quality of life is just better (here),” says Michelle (l-r) with Sarah and Darren with Nathan.

 that highlight the area’s recreational bounty. To change that, they started a magazine that highlights outdoor adventure, conservation and the spectacular beauty of the world’s largest freshwater lake.

Since the first issue of Superior Outdoors hit shelves in May 2007, the McChristies have more than doubled their circulation and subscription base, gaining its hometown a lot of attention among readers.

Currently, Superior Outdoors is in circulation from the US Midwest to Sault Ste. Marie and has subscribers from as far away as California, West Virginia and Texas. The magazine is currently released bi-annually, but its publishers have hopes of becoming seasonal.

The focus of Superior Outdoors is Lake Superior,specifically the north shore, and features stories about ‘silent sports’ such as paddling, skiing, climbing, biking, hiking and kite boarding and conservation of our natural playground.

“For Superior Outdoors, every issue is a green issue,” said Darren. “Our commitment to the environment is evident from the paper we print on to the silent sports and issues we cover.”

On top of producing the magazine, the McChristies are both employed full-time. Darren is a Junior Intermediate Teacher with the Lakehead District School Board and Michelle works for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Neither plan on leaving their day jobs anytime soon.

“We enjoy working on the magazine in the evenings once our kids have gone to bed,” said Michelle. Sarah, 2, and Nathan, 4, love to accompany their parents on many of their outdoor adventures gathering content for the magazine. They also enjoy helping their dad choose photographs for the latest issue.

Both Michelle and Darren are graduates of Lakehead University. The pair has lived in various communities throughout Northwestern Ontario and in 2001 moved to Iqualuit, Nunavut, but always knew they would come back to Thunder Bay.

“We want to stay in Thunder Bay to raise our children and be close to our families”, said Michelle. “This area has so many incredible recreational opportunities, natural beauty, and is affordable – why wouldn’t you want to live here?

“For us, the quality of life is just better,” said Darren. “Anything we would ever want in life is here in Thunder Bay – being able to produce Superior Outdoors and share our appreciation for the area is icing on the cake.”

Superior Outdoors is available in Thunder Bay at Chapters and outdoor stores and is also available on newsstands throughout the north shore and the US Midwest. Subscribe online at