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Lakehead University Innovator and Leader

Dr. Rui Wang
Dr. Rui Wang leads a team of high-profile researchers committed to Lakehead's vision of being in the top 25 research intensive universities in Canada.


”It’s important for an institution to be involved in various research activities because a university exists to create, interpret, and share knowledge,” said Dr. Rui Wang, Lakehead University’s Vice President (Research).

Dr. Rui Wang is recognized as an outstanding scientist, and his research on cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology has been well funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, other funding agencies, and industry. Dr. Wang is the author of two books, holds four patents, and lists 145 published papers.

Last fall, a research team led by Dr. Wang discovered the regulation of blood pressure by hydrogen sulfide – groundbreaking work which may pave the way for new therapeutic approaches in treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Most recently, he is the recipient of the prestigious Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CSPT) Pfizer Senior Scientist Award, the highest award the CSPT gives to a basic research scientist in Canada.

University President Dr. Fred Gilbert said, “Dr Wang is both a gifted scientist as well as an effective administrator; Lakehead University is lucky to have him as a model for our researchers, and others in Canada; he is an innovator and a leader.”

In addition to his individual research successes, Dr. Wang has brought millions of dollars in funding to the University, and is leading Lakehead’s upward movement in independent research rankings.

Dr. Wang’s mission of situating Lakehead among the top 25 research Universities in Canada is quickly becoming a reality; Research Infosource Inc. recently announced that Lakehead University has placed 3rd in the University Income Growth 2002-2007, while Lakehead’s sponsored research income has increased by 107% in the past five years.