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Mompreneur takes Organic Approach

Karen Kerk-Courtney, Founder, Bare Organics

Karen Kerk Courtney, Founder, Bare Organics

The birth of her child was the inspiration for Karen Kerk Courtney’s thriving home-based business.

Kerk Courtney wanted only natural products for her children, but discovered most contained mystery chemicals.  She got working on a natural solution and, in 2006, launched Bare Organics – all-natural skincare and baby products that contain only certified organic ingredients.  Kerk Courtney refines recipes from her home using simple ingredients such as aloe vera juice, beeswax and coconut oil. 

“Bare Organics also has a mission to educate consumers,” said Kerk Courtney.  “We purposely took a different route rather than selling to big stores.  Our aim is to make consumers aware of what they put on their skin.”

Business is booming; within the last year sales have doubled.  Bare Organics distributes products such as nut-free body oil and organic diaper spray to stores across Canada, online, at local retailers Natural Habit and Streak of Green, and at the Thunder Bay Country Market, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

When Kerk Courtney was looking for a place to live, she was equally thoughtful about the ingredients for success.  “I moved to Thunder Bay,” she said, “to escape the congestion of the GTA and live in a more relaxed, community based environment.”     

Kerk Courtney juggles a busy schedule as a member of local parenting groups, an entrepreneurship teacher at Confederation College, a mentor at the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprises and as the Marketing Board Liaison for the Thunder Bay Country Market.  Kerk Courtney is the 2009 recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award presented by Influential Women of Northern Ontario in recognition of her community leadership and business success.

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