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Thunder Bay “Best Place” to Work – and Live!

When Lakehead University graduates Mike Poling and Jason Taddeo set up their physiotherapy clinic last year they wanted to stay home in Thunder Bay.

l-r: Jason Taddeo and Michael Poling at new clinic.
l-r: Jason Taddeo and Michael Poling at new clinic.

Mike is originally from Thunder Bay and Jason is from Ignace.

Why Thunder Bay when the practitioners have earned Masters Degrees from McMaster University in Hamilton and have practiced in Thunder Bay, Southern Ontario and other provinces? In short, they agree that the professional opportunities and quality of life can’t be beat in the City that is Superior by Nature.

“I want to be able to make a real difference in the quality of care of patients and don’t want to get burnt out doing it,” says Jason, 26. “As ironic as it may sound, I don’t want to work myself to death just to live.”

“Along with a high price tag,” he says, “in bigger cities to the south you spend so much time commuting which ultimately cuts into either your personal life or time with patients making it difficult to find a balance that allows you to succeed in both areas. To me Thunder Bay is really the best place to do both.”

They opened their clinic, Fairway Physiotherapy Clinic on Golf Links Road, this past Nov. 15.“I’ve had the opportunity to practice and open several clinics across Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta for a previous employer, giving me a great look into other communities,” says Mike Poling the older of the two partners.

“To me Thunder Bay is a logical choice. It offers so many opportunities to excel – continuous learning, research potential, incredible business development support, convenient access to an excellent network of medical professionals, and quality of life. I like that I can run, what I hope will become a cuttingedge physiotherapy practice and still take my dog out in the woods and spend time with my wife in the same day.”