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Thunder Bay Economic Drivers

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre: An Economic Driver for Our City

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences CentreSince its development, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC) has yielded a great return for the citizens of Thunder Bay and region.

The economic impact continues to grow as new initiatives at TBRHSC lead to more jobs. TBRHSC is an important part of a resurgent economy contributing to more workers and families staying in the city and relocating here.

In addition to providing acute care, TBRHSC helped Lakehead University bring us the first new medical school in Canada in 30 years and contributed to a thriving research and innovation sector. As the healthcare, knowledge and research base in Thunder Bay expands, technology has placed a strong demand for trained-at-home skilled staff. Partnerships with Lakehead University and Confederation College have led to the development of new education programs to satisfy the need.

As TBRHSC moves ahead with a dynamic research agenda through the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute, scientists from around the world are being recruited to lead the image-guided molecular medicine and advanced detector programs. Image-guided strategies, innovation, and partnerships through new businesses such as Sentinel and Tornado are facilitating a value-added expansion of the Thunder Bay economy.

In addition, businesses are now locating near the Health Sciences Centre: hotel, coffee, auto, medical, restaurant, grocery, veterinary, and others have identified the advantage of being a part of this highly travelled corridor. TBRHSC employs approximately 2,500 people. The annual budget is $280 million.

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